Friday, 7 April 2017

Viliami home story

On wednesday the 5th April 2017 I didn't go  because the weather was very bad and I didn't feel going too.At home I read 3 books then I went on my netbook and play for 1 and a half hours then I did spelling.

When it was 1.00 I stop spelling then I went back on my netbook this time I play into it was 6.21 I got off and went to the living Room I saw my mum fast to sleep so I went back on my netbook and watch youtube.

Then my dad came home from work I went out side but the weather was bad so I put on my rain gauge then I went out side to get my dads things I came back in and and got back on my netbook I got off and read one book.At 9.49 we had dinner at 10.00 I had to go to sleep so I had to brush my teeth then I went to sleep. THE END

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